What are Dentures?

A denture is a prosthetic appliance that can be worn to fill in missing teeth. Partial dentures only contain several teeth per appliance and are ideal for patients who are missing some but not all of their teeth. Full dentures, or a full arch, contain all of the teeth for either the upper or lower jaw. Dentures can last for up to seven years before they’ll need to be replaced.

Why are Dentures needed?

When you are missing a lot or all of your teeth, this doesn’t just affect the way that you look, but it can affect your ability to eat, chew and speak. Dentures fill in missing dentition in a comfortable, natural-looking manner. Dentures are made for each individual patient, so they look realistic and feel secure. Dentures can even be made more secure with the help of dental implants, which can be used to snap the prosthetic in place.

The. dental work I had done yesterday is a magnificent work of art. My dentist was fantastic. She made me comfortable and explained to me in detail just what she was doing. I am extremely pleased and satisfied customer.


What makes you a good candidate for Dentures?

The denture procedure itself is noninvasive and requires two or three appointments to complete. In just a matter of two weeks, you can have a brand new smile that you’ll feel proud to show off. To determine if you’ll need dentures, it’s important to come in for a consultation appointment. In some cases, extractions are needed before being fitted for the prosthetic.

What happens during the Denture procedure?

Impressions, also known as molds, are taken of your mouth to help in creating a brand new denture. The denture is made for you in a local dental laboratory where it is created to fit your mouth perfectly. You will come back in once the denture is made to have it placed. It’s not uncommon for dentures to need several adjustments before they fit comfortably. Your dentures should be removed each night and cleaned thoroughly to remove bacteria and odors. Your new set of dentures will last for anywhere from five to seven years before it’ll need to be replaced.

If you would like to come in for a consultation for dentures or need a new plate made for you, call our office today and we will help in scheduling an appointment for you.